Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code


Haile students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for the business of education.


We display cleanliness, good grooming, neatness, and modesty--important standards of appearance. Students are not allowed to wear anything that indicates membership in a particular group (except when related to Haile Middle School) or clothing that will tend to polarize students into groups.  Our administration has the discretion to determine what appropriate and inappropriate attire congruent with district policy is.  Student(s) wearing extreme styles which could disrupt the instructional environment, present health or safety hazards, or which are indecent (sexually provocative) or in violation of the law will be subject to disciplinary actions.


All clothing must be in good taste, and appropriate for middle school students as determined by administration.  The following rules will be observed at all times.


  1. NO attire or paraphernalia that displays or is associated with drugs, sex, sexual innuendo, violence, alcohol, tobacco, satanic music, vulgar language, gang dress, or clothing that displays messages contrary to a positive school environment. (Ie. Hooters, Playboy, etc.)
  2. NO hats, caps, or sunglasses are to be worn or brought on campus.
  3. NO unnatural hair color or extreme hairstyles. (ex: blue, green, purple, pink, etc.)
  4. Shoes with a back must be worn at all times. NO bedroom slippers or pajamas.  Shoes must be buckled or tied at all times.  No flip-flops, slides, backless shoes or skate shoes.
  5. NO tank tops, halter tops or spaghetti straps unless there is an overshirt or undershirt with sleeves. Jerseys must have a tee shirt underneath.  NO crop tops, bare midriffs, see-thru or low-cut blouses/shirts of any type.  No baby "T's".  No deep cut arm openings.   Bra straps should not show.
  6. NO mini skirts or short-shorts.  No dresses or skirts with slits.  Shorts, skirts and dresses should reach the tip of the students' longest finger when the student stands at attention.  Shorts and skirt hems should be the same length all the way around.  Skirts must be proper length if worn over leggings.
  7. NO spandex attire, dance or exercise pants, tight shorts or tight pants. 
  8. NO  pants  or shorts worn below waistline.
  9. NO oversized shirts longer than fingertip length.
  10. NO hair rollers, nets, bandannas, pacifiers, or chains that are not normal jewelry or other items as deemed inappropriate by administration.  No picks or combs worn in the hair.  No brushing or combing of hair in class or cafeteria.
  11. NO tight or indecent shirts or blouses.  NO showing of cleavage, bras, underwear or stomach.
  12. Pants must be appropriately fastened at the waist.
  13. Clothing with Haile Middle School logo, approved by administration, may be worn.
  14. NO jewelry with profanity or design that is obscene or suggestive or relates to alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or against other people.
  15. NO clothing with frays, holes, cuts, or slits above the knee.


Any student in violation of the above rules will have parent(s) notified immediately.  The parent will be requested to bring appropriate attire for the student or to pick up the student from school. Any student in violation will not be permitted to attend any Haile Middle School classes and activities until proper changes have been made.  A repeat dress code violation will be considered defiance and dealt with accordingly.