Supply List

Supply List
Haile Middle School Supply List

Please help your student be successful by having them prepared with the following items on the first day of school.


•    3 ring binder (check with teacher)

•    Small tab dividers

•    Plastic dividers with pockets

•    Notebook paper

•    Pencils

•    Colored Pencils

•    Erasers

•    Calculator with +/- and square root keys

•    Pencil sharpener with lid

•    Red & blue/black pens

•    Highlighters

•    Reinforcements (stickers for reinforcing torn pages)

•    Tablet - Not required, but highly recommended 


Once you receive your student schedule, please be sure to check their teacher’s websites for any additional items your student will need.

Donations are welcome

Young adult paperback books

White-board wipes

Hand sanitizers

8.5" x 11" copy paper

Facial tissues

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