Your student is to be at school and in class at 7:45am.   Please allow for traffic due to the high number of car riders and drivers so they will be on time.


If your student is going to be absent, please call the school attendance line to report the absence, stating the student name, your name and reason for absence so we can code it accurately.



If your student comes to school after the bell, he/she must report to the attendance office for a tardy pass.  Each quarter your student will be allowed 2 emergency tardy passes during the first five minutes of first period only.  After the two emergency passes are used the student will be given a detention for being tardy unless a doctor’s note is provided.  Please get your students to school on time.



If a student is to leave early, they are to come to the attendance office before the start of school with a note from their parent approving the early release.  We will then give the student a blue early release pass that he/she will show the teacher allowing the student to be excused from class.  The student will come to the attendance office to sign out prior to leaving campus. 

Please do not call the school requesting your student to be released early.  It causes much interruption to instruction.  We understand that there may be an occasional emergency, but this should be rare.


Sick kids should go to the clinic.  Do not encourage your student to text you to call them out.  If they go through the clinic when their sick, their absence will be coded accurately and it will help with disruption of the classes.



We have a strict no drop off policy.  Please do not come to school expecting to drop off anything the student may have forgotten, it will not be accepted.  Lunch may be charged once if they happen to forget their lunch money. 


August 10, 2017