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Media Center

Media Center

Jill Mullins - Media Specialist
Phone Ext. 2132

7:30-2:45 Mon - Fri

Extended hours may be scheduled in advance. See Mrs. Mullins


NO food, drinks, gum or candy!
All students using the internet must have page 35 of their planners signed by their parent/guardian, plus they must have their IDs cards available.
Students may print materials required by their teacher while in the lab with that teacher for no fee. Otherwise, students must pay 10 cents per page.
Students may check out up to 3 books at one time.
The loan period for students is 20 school days.
Because of the book detection system, students must enter and exit through the courtyard doors only.

Helpful Websites:

These online encyclopedias and references include an
English/Spanish dictionary, thesaurus and atlas. Grolier Online

The Manatee County Public Library. may be the single best source for facts on the Net;
a one-stop site for all things Internet: news, weather, sports,
encyclopedias, dictionaries, & search engines.