Dear Parents:


It is my pleasure to announce that this year began using a new platform called Hero to track student behavior at Lee Middle. The decision to bring Hero in to our school was made with one goal in mind: to make Lee Middle a better and more positive environment to grow and to learn.


Hero will help us operate more efficiently, and it will help us keep consistent policies running throughout the school. Hero will keep an accurate record of things like tardies, school event attendance, classroom participation, and positive student behavior. Hero allows our staff to be more data driven—and do more with less.


We’re extremely excited about the implementation of Hero at Lee and look forward to seeing the positive impact that it will have on our students.


Please take some time to check out the following resources. 






Hero Parent + Student Engagement Tools [ http://www.herok12.com/parent-student-engagement]



Quick Start Guide: Basics for Parents [ http://www.herok12.com/resources/Hero-QSG-PSE-Parents.pdf]




Explore the Parent + Student App [ http://www.herok12.com/resource/playbook/parent-student-engagement-walkthrough]