Please call Tiffany Jefferson to report an absence. 727-6500

ext. 2008


The law requires that you attend each day that school is in session. However, if it becomes necessary to miss class because of illness or emergency, the fol- lowing procedure should be followed:


1. Parents or guardians are requested to call the school between 8:00am and 10:00am to report absences. The school telephone number is 727-6500, press 8.


2 If a parent doesn't call, a written excuse stating the reason for the absence and signed by the parent or a doctor must be brought to the office upon your return. A student may only have 9 parent excused absences per year.


3. It is your responsibility to arrange with your teachers to make up missed work.


4. Excused absences are recognized in cases of student illness, family illness, or death in the immediate family. Religious holidays observed by the student's faith are also considered excused absences. If you have a long-term absence (3 days

or longer) your parents may call the school to make arrangements to get make-up work. Teachers require 24

hours notice to return the requested work to the office. Assignments should be picked up in the main office by a parent.


5. If you find it necessary to be out of town for an extended period of time, your parent/guardian should contact

your Assistant Principal. If permission is granted, arrangements for missed work will be made. A form may be obtained from the front office.