You can reach the clinic at 727-6500

Beverly Roseman, RN  ext. 2022

Kashema Clarke, LPN ext. 2021



If you become ill while at school, you must request permission and a pass from your teacher to go to the clinic. A nurse is available to assist with heath problems. If necessary, your parents will be contacted.

A student should never go directly home or call home by himself or herself. 

If you are on medication which must be administered at school, your parents must sign the appropriate forms to allow you to take the medication at school. No over the counter medications will be administered to students without a doctor's prescription. 

If you are sick you will be sent home. You may not stay in the clinic and out of class with headaches or just plain "not feeling well". Immediately report students injuries to the nearest adult. Do not try to move an injured person. 

For your welfare and safety, we require that your parent or guardian come into the building to sign you out when you leave campus during the school day.