BYOD Information

BYOD Information

The BYOD Contract is now included in the Student Handbook. Please read carefully!



What is BYOD/BYOT?

Bring Your Own Device, also known as BYOT (Technology) is the practice of allowing students to bring technology devices from home to use in the classroom, at the discretion of the teacher. These devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, smart phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, netbooks, e-readers, mp3 players, and whatever other new technologies may come along. 



Why BYOD? There are several reasons for schools to implement BYOD: 


  • It creates an opportunity for new and engaging methods of teaching and learning in the classroom.
  • It helps prepare students to enter the 21st Century workplace, which is becoming increasingly Internet and device-centric.
  • It gives students the opportunity to access tools they are using outside of school to accomplish academic tasks and to learn new productivity tools of which they may not be aware.
  • It means students will need minimal training in the use of the devices and meets them at a basic comfort level.
  • It opens the possibility for discussions of digital citizenship, online etiquette, or "netiquette”, and digital information literacy.


Are all teachers using BYOD?

All teachers have the opportunity to participate in training so they may learn classroom management and instructional practices that will enable safe and efficient use of devices in their classrooms. Students in the classes of those teachers will be granted access to the school’s wireless network and will have the opportunity to use their devices in class for educational purposes at the discretion of their teachers.


Why do this?

We are giving limited rollout of our guest network and BYOD to give all parties involved time to assess, adjust, and learn before we open BYOD schoolwide. The wireless infrastructure also can be assessed to determine if it is optimized for how teachers and students will use it in class.


What will happen if my child is in a BYOD class?

You and your child will need to sign new copies of the  Nolan BYOD Contract and Manatee County Acceptable Use Policy before your child will be allowed to join the network and access the Internet on his or her own device. After that, the use of devices in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher.


Will my child be required to bring a device to class if he or she is in the program?

No. Bringing and using a device is completely optional.


Who is responsible for charging, securing, and maintaining students’ devices?

Students and families are responsible for the charging, maintenance, and security of their own devices. The Technology Department is not able to provide technical support for student devices. It is recommended that students in BYOD classes bring their devices to school with batteries fully charged and a charger. Teachers are not responsible for charging, servicing, or maintaining student devices. If a student’s device becomes disabled during school, the student should bring the device home for troubleshooting.


Are there security issues?

All users are connected to the district's guest network, which has filtered Internet access. Students will not be able to access printers, network drives, or student information systems. Basically, they will have the same abilities they would if they connected to the Internet from a coffee shop or hotel.


Are websites filtered?

Yes. The safety of students online is of utmost importance to us. Websites are filtered the same as if students were on a Manatee County computer, and each teacher is expected to monitor students in their classrooms.


Does my child need to have the latest and greatest technology device to connect?

No. The latest technology is not required. There are many devices that will connect. Just about any laptop will work, as well as current tablets and smartphones from well-known companies. To get technical, the device needs to be able to support 802.1x wireless connectivity.


What devices do you recommend?

At this time we are making no device recommendations. However, Nolan Middle School supports Apple OSX.7 and up, Windows 8 and up, as well as iOS 5 and up.