Stephens Media Center

Picture representing Stephens Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center!



Opening – Closing – The Media Center is open for everyone Monday – Friday from 7:45-3:05.  Staff may visit after those hours if I am available.  The media center will be locked when no one is in the media center and when the media center is closed.  Except for emergencies, notices will be given in advance if classes are cancelled and when the media center will be closed.

Free Flow – Since classes meet every other week, so that the media center will be accessible at times other than scheduled, students may free flow if needed to check out books daily in the morning between 8:00-8:30 and in the afternoon between 2:00-2:30.  Free Flow is an independent activity.  This means that students should be able to check in and check out their books and behave responsibly in the library, without assistance.  Please only send 2 students at a time and each must have a media center pass. 

Media Center Check Out Rules

All materials must be checked out before removing them from the media center.  

 All Books are due within two weeks of check out; this usually corresponds with your scheduled library time except for students who have checked out during free flow.

Pre-K - Books for Pre-Kindergarten will be checked out under the teacher’s name. 

Kindergarten and First grade may check out 1 book on each visit to the media center.

Pre-K, K and 1st grade books checked out are not to be sent home and should be kept in the classroom by the classroom teacher. 

Second, third, fourth and fifth grades – 2nd through 5th grade may check out 1 bookson each visit to the media center.  These books may be taken home.