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Aberdeen High School
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251 Paradise Road
Aberdeen, MD  21001
Phone:  410-273-5500
FAX:  410-273-5587

Principal - Mike O'Brien                               mike.obrien@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Rob DeLeva                robert.deleva@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Al Johnson                 albert.johnson@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Regina Jones             regina.jones@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Helen Miller                helen.miller@hcps.org

Blue and Gold
Thu Apr 07 11:04:07 CDT 2016

The first week after graduation there is a little celebration known as senior week. When teens get a little freedom, sometimes they don?t know how to act. So, here are a few tips for seniors: After paying your down payment for your place, your pockets are going to feel a little empty. But you still […]

Letter from AHS?s Biggest Fan, Ms. Janice - Wed Mar 16 12:36:42 CDT 2016

In January, Aberdeen High School’s long-time athletics bus driver, Ms. Janice, had much of her home and belongings destroyed in a devastating house fire in January. The school, and the Aberdeen community, rose to the occasion, and provided donations and support at several basketball games and events. Ms. Janice wrote a letter to share with the school […]

AHS Participates in the 10 Day Film Challenge - Mon Mar 14 11:18:04 CDT 2016

Aberdeen High School?s drama three class is participating in the 10 Day Film Challenge. This challenge tests their skills in writing, acting, lighting, music, editing, directing, and other various skills. On day one of the challenge, March 3, 2016, the students received the options of two genres. One was randomly selected, utopia/ dystopia, and one […]

Bettering Your Brows - Thu Mar 10 12:51:42 CST 2016

Angles, arches, and attitude, the three things that make the perfect eyebrows. What?s the best way to wear your brows?. with some confidence. Whether your eyebrows are thick, thin, or bushy you can find your perfect shape. Eyebrows are an art; they frame your face, convey your emotions, and transform your look. In order to […]

Get Your Bun Poppin! - Thu Mar 10 12:24:05 CST 2016

Messy and lazy, slicked and low, or sleeked down and poppin?, buns come in all different shapes and sizes and they?re here to stay. Buns are a way of life and a bad bun can ruin your morning, or even your day. If you?re out and trying to slay, the last thing you need is […]

SnapTech: The New Big Thing - Wed Mar 09 07:24:24 CST 2016

On September 16, 2015, Snapchat introduced filter, after acquiring a software company by the name of ?Looksery?. The technology that Loosery developed made it possible for people to distort their face over live video or webcam. People loved the new features! Not many ever questioned the technology behind it. When asked how they thought the […]

2016 Boys Lacrosse Season Outlook - Fri Mar 04 12:38:09 CST 2016

?We?ve got a good group of newcomers and we?ve also got a few returning starters,? said head coach Patrick Mull. ?Every game is important this year; we aren?t taking anyone lightly.? On March 15, 2016, Aberdeen boys lacrosse will be facing off against the Wildcats of Wilde Lake High School in a scrimmage. ?We?ve got a […]

Is Getting Up Early a Struggle? - Fri Mar 04 12:27:42 CST 2016

Most everyone struggles with getting up early in the morning, although there are ways to make getting up early easier. Setting a decent time to go to bed is place to start. Getting the right amount of sleep should be an important part of your daily activities. Go to bed 1-2 hours earlier than you […]

?With a Bang? Comes to HCC - Fri Feb 19 11:04:39 CST 2016

Dan Schoener recently directed HCC Actors Guild in their production of ?With a Bang.? The play took place in their Black Box Theatre, and while the space they had to use was small, it was well used. They managed to have five separate entrances and exits and designed the space spectacularly for scene changes. A […]

Super Variety - Wed Feb 17 12:35:29 CST 2016

After predominately making movies showcasing Batman and Superman, DC Comics has released the statement that there are new movies coming out soon that will be showcasing some of their other characters. For the past couple years, there have been a lot of rumors about when a Flash movie will be coming out, each time being pushed […]