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Aberdeen High School
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251 Paradise Road
Aberdeen, MD  21001
Phone:  410-273-5500
FAX:  410-273-5587

Principal - Mike O'Brien                              mike.obrien@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Rob DeLeva               robert.deleva@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Sarah Doyle               sarah.doyle@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Regina Jones            regina.jones@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Mark Truszkowski    mark.truszkowski@hcps.org


Blue and Gold
Thu Jun 09 07:32:01 CDT 2016

Film Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane - Thu Jun 09 07:31:25 CDT 2016

Recently I went and saw the hit film 10 Cloverfield Lane. Upon hearing it was really good, I was extremely excited to watch it! However, I was extremely disappointed. (SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!) My review: A young girl who just left her boyfriend is zooming down the road when a car crashes into her and leaves her […]

School Year Round, or 180 Days with Summer? - Thu Jun 09 07:25:56 CDT 2016

There are schools all across the globe that have different styles of school years. The most common are 180 days, and going to school year round. Students don?t think much about it. But what if the idea was proposed to them? Going to school for 180 days straight seems like a drag compared to year […]

The Death of Harambe - Thu Jun 09 07:15:28 CDT 2016

There had been big talk lately about the gorilla, Harambe, who was shot for being in contact with a three-year-old who somehow managed to get into its enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo. There are many different opinions about how the zoo keepers should have handled the situation and about the lack of discipline from the parents of […]

Road Trip Do?s and Dont?s - Fri May 20 12:42:42 CDT 2016

During the summer, if you find yourself going on a road trip as a part of your vacation you will want to be prepared. Here are some “Do’s” and “Dont’s” that will help you get ready for your trip! Do’s Pack snacks Constant stopping takes up time and adds length to a journey. By having food […]

Advice for Freshmen - Fri May 20 12:34:38 CDT 2016

Coming up to the end of the year, most seniors are preparing to graduate and start their lives as adults and move onto a college or a trade school and start their careers. To the upcoming freshmen at Aberdeen High School, it is important that you know what you?re doing. Your high school career is […]

Spotlight Movie Review - Fri May 20 12:29:17 CDT 2016

It?s no surprise that people would take interest in a film that took home the Academy Award for Best Picture; especially when it?s a movie that sheds light upon the darkest shadows of reality. The 2015 biographical film, Spotlight, tells the story of how the Boston Globe uncovers the truth behind a child molestation scandal […]

Summer Clothing Favorites for Boys - Fri May 20 09:26:53 CDT 2016

Have you ever wondered what to wear this summer? Male students all around school gave a little insight on what they think kids should wear during the summer. The most popular clothing items that were mentioned were sport shirts, sport shorts, slides, flip flops, cargo shorts, Polo T-shirts, and tank tops. A student, Christian Allen, says, […]

Senior Week: Tips for Success - Thu Apr 07 11:04:07 CDT 2016

The first week after graduation there is a little celebration known as senior week. When teens get a little freedom, sometimes they don?t know how to act. So, here are a few tips for seniors: After paying your down payment for your place, your pockets are going to feel a little empty. But you still […]

Letter from AHS?s Biggest Fan, Ms. Janice - Wed Mar 16 12:36:42 CDT 2016

In January, Aberdeen High School’s long-time athletics bus driver, Ms. Janice, had much of her home and belongings destroyed in a devastating house fire in January. The school, and the Aberdeen community, rose to the occasion, and provided donations and support at several basketball games and events. Ms. Janice wrote a letter to share with the school […]

AHS Participates in the 10 Day Film Challenge - Mon Mar 14 11:18:04 CDT 2016

Aberdeen High School?s drama three class is participating in the 10 Day Film Challenge. This challenge tests their skills in writing, acting, lighting, music, editing, directing, and other various skills. On day one of the challenge, March 3, 2016, the students received the options of two genres. One was randomly selected, utopia/ dystopia, and one […]