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Aberdeen High School
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251 Paradise Road
Aberdeen, MD  21001
Phone:  410-273-5500
FAX:  410-273-5587

Principal - Mike O'Brien                               mike.obrien@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Rob DeLeva                robert.deleva@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Al Johnson                 albert.johnson@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Regina Jones             regina.jones@hcps.org

Assistant Principal- Helen Miller                helen.miller@hcps.org

Blue and Gold
Tue Jan 12 12:57:27 CST 2016

Recently, there has been a huge E. coli outbreak across the nation at Chipotle Mexican grill. The FDA and CDC has linked Chipotle’s food to this huge outbreak. They found at least 52 people with the norovirus in a stretch of nine states. There has been reported to be at least 20 people hospitalized because […]

?Creed? is Finally Released; Wins Golden Globe - Tue Jan 12 12:44:04 CST 2016

On November 25, 2015, the movie Creed was released, which is about a young man following his father footsteps, but wants to create a name from himself. Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, who?s a new boxer trying to make it into the world of boxing. But he doesn?t want people to know who his father […]

Winter Break Whereabouts - Tue Jan 12 12:33:36 CST 2016

Winter break has just passed here at AHS, and I?m sure students and staff were very active over the long week we had off. I?ve done some snooping around, and here?s what I came up with: NyShaun Greene, senior and varsity basketball point guard, says ?I went to Salisbury to hoop. I also had practice.? […]

Does the New Star Wars Deliver? - Wed Jan 06 12:21:10 CST 2016

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, the first public screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens played in theaters was sold out everywhere. Screenings were packed with fans and excitement as the previews played. The return of the Star Wars series is causing a lot of commotion. Fans from all ages are planning to see the movie and […]

Make Up Your Mind, Mother Nature! - Wed Jan 06 12:13:30 CST 2016

The winter side of the closet is feeling “some type of way.” During these last few weeks the weather has been hard to predict. A student here at AHS was asked how she felt about the weather, which was unseasonably warm near the holidays but is now bitter cold. She said, ?I think the weather […]

AHS: What Do You Like and Dislike? - Fri Dec 18 11:19:35 CST 2015

Here at AHS, there are many things to admire; however, there are also things to dislike. We asked several students what they like and dislike about coming to our school every day. Student Daeja Canty said, ?The library is nice.? As for dislikes, she said, ?We need more time to get dressed after gym…and I?m mad that […]

?Lurkers? on Social Media Are Everywhere - Fri Dec 18 11:05:22 CST 2015

How do you feel about lurkers on your social media page? A “lurker” is someone that looks at your social media pages, but doesn’t interact with you. Do you check your significant other’s pages? We asked a few students at school to give us input. A student named Jessica says, ?I welcome them to like […]

Do Teens Get Enough Sleep? - Wed Dec 16 12:46:28 CST 2015

People need at least eight and half hours of sleep per night. How much do you get? The sleep habits of teenagers is one of the most controversial topics regarding sleep. Teens are the primary victims of being sleep deprived. For example, student Keadon Nixon says, ?I probably only get to about 5-6 hours of […]

Would You Foster an Animal? - Wed Dec 16 12:36:30 CST 2015

  Have you considered fostering an animal from a local shelter? Animals can need to be removed from a shelter for multiple reasons including space, health, and home training. Shelters are often overcrowded, and when they get too crowded shelters may begin to euthanize animals to make room. These are usually the older animals and […]

Winter Musical Begins Auditions, Rehearsals - Mon Dec 14 10:56:52 CST 2015

Auditions for the winter musical, You?re a Good Man Charlie Brown, directed by Mr. Real occurred on December 9 and 10. The cast list has been made, and is posted after school on Monday, December 14. Open auditions were held in the Black Box  and there were call backs on Friday, December 10. An audition form was required […]