APES Notebook Rules

APES Notebook Rules

You must have a composition book in APES, where you keep all your notes. Please make sure you read the notebook rules carefully so that we all stay organized.





APES Notebook Rules- in a COMPOSITION book


APES notebooks will be checked almost daily for completed homework and for entering notes and lab work. Your organized notebook will be used extensively for chapter and unit test information to prepare for those benchmark assessments and for the May 6th AP exam. Furthermore, some colleges may want evidence of the LABS completed in this course in order to give you  lab science credit (so save it for college admission). Each page should be set up as shown below. Your notebook will be graded for completion and neatness (readability) once per quarter:


1. Your Name and Section done in SHARPIE on the front cover (First and Last Name, and APES section)


2. Table of Contents (leave the first 4 pages of the notebook blank; each page should be numbered and then its contents should be entered into the table of contents (TOC). The TOC must be set up as shown below:



                                                                                                Table of Contents: APES                            ____                                 _

.               .              Page       Date        Chapter                                  Title                                                                     Grade                    

Example                   5              9/1             1                                         Homework: m/c Ch.1                                             5/5




3. Date of assignment (in the left margin precisely where the Assignment begins)


4. Title of Assignment Examples:

                                “Homework: m/c ch1”

                                “Homework: FRQ ch5”

                                “Homework REVIEW: pages 6-7; FRQ ch1”

                                “Classwork: Lab – Car Diversity”

                                “Lab REVIEW – pages 26-28 – Car Diversity”

                                “Notes – Ch.7”

                                “Test ch5 – m/c review”

                                “Test ch5,6,7 – FRQ review”




At the end of each assignment either begin a new page OR double underline the page section indicating a new assignment.  You may leave a bigger right margin where you think you will be adding NOTES as we review your work. It is your responsibility to implement Scientific Notebook Rules as applied in SRT 1-4.