All About Mrs Mank

All About Mrs. Mank

Mrs. Mank has been the Media Specialist at Aberdeen Middle School for thirteen years!  She likes it because she gets to read all the good books first!  Her favorite kids book of all time is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, but she also likes mysteries, science fiction, realistic fiction, adventure, fantasy, and funny books. 


Mrs. Mank is originally from Bellefonte, PA and went to Penn State University for an undergraduate degree in Philosophy.  Realizing that a degree in Philosophy pretty much only qualifies you for a job at McDonalds, she went to Clarion University of Pennsylvania for a Masters Degree in Library Science.  One of her proudest life achievement is her A in cataloging.


Mrs. Mank lives with her husband, also a librarian,a crazy puppy named Mirabelle, and two cats, Claire and Rocco.  The cats are still not happy about the puppy.