About Our School

About Our School
About our School

Bel Air Elementary School is located in the heart of Bel Air, Maryland. For more than 80 years, it has provided high quality education for children living in the area. A dedicated school community, including school staff, parents and local businesses, work together to provide a safe learning environment where all students can learn.


Our educational program is designed to meet the diverse needs of the students within our community.  Our teachers work collaboratively with each other to review current research on teaching and learning and constantly work to ensure they are providing the highest level of instruction to our students. 


The spirit of volunteerism is evident in our school as parents and community members work to support our PTA, Bel Air Reading Tutors (BART), cafeteria, classrooms, and many other activities throughout the year.  Their commitment to our school ensures our success. 

We are proud of our heritage and achievements at Bel Air Elementary. Our vision for the community of Bel Air Elementary is to enjoy learning for a lifetime.   Our work is guided by four key words.  Believe, Achieve, Empower, Succeed.   Each day we will Believe in every member of our school community, work to ensure they Achieve, and Empower them  to Succeed.  


Dyann R. Mack, Ed.D