Class Syallabus Integrated

Class Syallabus - Integrated

Combined Calendar & Edline

        I.            In this session you will:

  1. Create a lesson plan for one month.

                                                              i.      Daily Assignments:

                                                            ii.      Weekly Quiz(9th & 23rd))

                                                          iii.      Chapter Test after 2 weeks(2 Test):((June 16th & 30th)

                                                           iv.      Post a Project due at the end of the month(due June 29th).

                                                             v.      Post your syllabus under “Contents”

  1. As a pdf
  2. As an integrated Edline document.
  3. Each Week will be a new Chapter(Unit).

                                                              i.      Week 1: June 2nd – June 6th

                                                            ii.      Week 2 June 9th – 14th

                                                          iii.      Week 3 June 17th – 22nd

                                                           iv.      Week 4 June 25th - 30th