Connecting to theStudent WiFi

Connecting to theStudent Wi-Fi


Students may connect to the student Wi-Fi at CMH when the criteria below is met:


  1. Have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file in the Main Office by August 29th.
  2. Have an active user name and password on the school network.


To connect point your wireless connection to the Students_Wireless SSID.  You will be prompted for a user name and password.  Your user name is your CMH network user name along with your current network password. Tony Smith has a user name of SmithT and a password of **********.   In the user name he would put: SmithT and enter his password in rectangle below.


**Password changes are required throughout the school year.  If you change your password you will neet to re-set your wi-fi connection on your device.  To do this go to your wi-fi settings and "FORGET" the network.

Go back to that network and you will be prompted to enter your "User Name" and new password.


** For directions on re-setting your wi-fi connection follow this link.