General Information

General Information
An overview of general information on CMH's fencing team.


General Information About CMH’s Fencing Team


·         Fencing is a CMH Varsity sport consisting of 22 boys and 22 girls. 

·         We are a member of the Great Lakes Conference competing against eleven other high schools in Indiana and Illinois. 

·         In addition to our conference, at the Midwest Invitational held at CMH, more than 300 high school fencers from five states compete.

·         Few new fencers have had any previous experience.  Our quality coaching staff prepares them for top-level competition.

·         CMH provides most equipment needed by each fencer.

·         Season: early October to early February

·         All fencers compete in at least six major tournaments held on weekends.

·         CMH’s varsity fencing team accepts new members yearly.

·         Practices are held three times per week.  Usually they are scheduled from 2:45 to 4:45.

·         This is a no-cut sport.