Golf Spectator Guidelines

Golf Spectator Guidelines





Welcome to all parents and spectators. We are glad to have each of you here to watch and support the players. While you are watching, we ask that you observe proper golf etiquette and the following USGA and Classic 8 conference guidelines. If spectators are not able to abide by the following, then they will be asked to leave the course.

1. Attire: Spectators must wear appropriate golf attire at Country Clubs. No jeans, tee shirts or cut-offs are permitted. Consequence: Asked to leave the course.

2. Viewing areas: Spectators must stay off to the side, on cart paths or in the rough. Please respect all golfers by being quiet and still during play. No walking on fairways, greens, tee boxes, in front of or behind players. Consequence: Asked to leave the course.

3. Advice: Spectators may have no direct contact with the golfers. While applauding and acknowledging good shots is encouraged; no coaching, rule interpretations or advice is allowed. Consequence: First offense- warning, Second offence- 2 shot penalty, Third offense- player disqualification.

4. Lost ball: Spectators may assist a golfer searching for a lost ball. At no time may anyone touch or pick up a ball for identification. 5 minutes is the time limit. A golfer has the option to choose not to identify a "lost ball". Please do not pick up any ball in play. Consequence: Possible 2 shot penalty or player disqualification.

5. Equipment: Spectators are not allowed to carry a golfer's equipment. This includes the bag, clubs and balls. Items which may be carried include; umbrellas, water bottles, towels and jackets. Consequence: Player disqualification.

6.,Cell phones: The use of cell phones is prohibited on the golf course. Ringers should be turned off. Consequence: Asked to leave the course.

Thank you for observing these guidelines and have a great day!