General Information

General Information

Spring Payment: Please bring a check for $435 made out to "MYST" to the Kick-off meeting on February 29th, 6:00pm at Harken.


Dryland Training: We will be starting dry land training the day after the meeting - March 1st at Lakeside Fitness. Lesa has done an amazing job of putting together a combination of strength and cardio workouts that target all of the muscle groups that we use in sailing. Please see the attached flyer for sign-up information.


New Tier 3 Series: We have worked hard over the off season to created a new 4 event, 1 day Tier 3 Series. The flyer/NOR for this series is attached.


MYST Spring Calendar: There are a TON of events this spring for everyone to get involved in. Lots of opportunities for some good competition! In addition to the main Tier 1 and 2 events, there are 10 tier 2 and 3 events for sailors to compete in almost every weekend this spring!


Fundraising: Culver's in Hartland (on Industrial Drive) will be hosting a "Give Back Night" for PLSS on March 2nd from 5-8pm. The proceeds from this event will be going into the pot to upgrade our C420 fleet. We plan on selling 4 boats in our current fleet that are in the toughest condition and buying 6 newer boats. In order to maintain our low cost to sailors, we need to do fundraising for this fleet purchase. Please spread the word and get the attached flyer out wherever possible - by email, or at school or work! Thank you!