Picture representing ICE

This year, ICE club is merging with Service Club in order to use and model the Memorial Propel process in taking on problem-solving challenges that will address local needs.


It's a dynamic, active club!  Join us!


The extra-curricular program will combine orchestrated creative-thinking experiences with group and  independent research and exploration. This program will stimulate students’ minds and initiative. While students learn new techniques for creative-thinking and problem-solving, they will gain a better understanding of the benefits of that type of thinking. Students will be empowered to either design and implement a beneficial program or develop a useful product. As moderators we will coach, coordinate, facilitate, record, and assess the students involved in this voluntary organization. Because our group goal is to have a measurable impact on a selected cause, group members are asked to make a time commitment to the combined efforts of this service organization.


Interested in involvement in this group?  Contact a moderator!