Computer Science amp Software Engineering

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Designed for 10th – 12th grade students - The course addresses an ever-growing need for students across all career paths to explore the new questions and tools opened up by massive data collection and processing. The course also exposes students to the high-demand career paths within Computer Science and Information Technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 50% of the 2.8 million job openings in STEM through 2018 will be for computer specialists (PCAST Report to The President: Engage to Excel, 2012.)


Four key units covered are:

Graphics: Students will use graphical tools to emphasize computing as a creative endeavor. Environments like Scratch or Alice will be used to learn the fundamental concepts of computer science.

 The Web: Students will use tools to create interactive Web pages.

Data mining: Students will use a face-recognition API, and will use AppInventor to develop a simple Android app, emphasizing computational thinking with large sets of data and social networks,

Modeling: Computer models will be used to emphasize the power of computational thinking to create and answer new questions, using a language like Python. No pre-requisite.


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