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Need Help with Edline? Aeries? School email? Click Here!
Click for more info. Email me if you lost your name, need your password reset, or need your activation or verification code(s).

Parents and Students,


To find out about Naviance go to this website:


Edline activation codes are active from last year if you were in the ABCUSD.


Email me at  if you are having problems accessing your account or if you never received your activation code. I can also help with (gmail) and accounts.


If you need immediate access for a homework assignment you may use the "Current Classes" tab on the left and find your class in the alpha list.


You do NOT need to be signed into Edline to access the assignments.


How to reset your password:


You can come by at snack or lunch in 614 if you need me to help you, or you can try these steps to reset it.


1. Add  to your contacts
2. Type in your email here to reset your password
3. Look for an email from ABCUSD in your inbox and follow the steps.
4. If you need more help you can email me at!



Default instructions for accounts

1) Turn in your AUP form if you haven't already (once per kid at the HS level; if you're a 9th grader or new to our school you need to fill one out)

2) go to

3) Your username is (if you have a common name you might have up to 5 or 6 but you can email me if you can't log in)

4) Default password is your bday in this format:  YYYYMMDD




Allison Marcroft