Darlington Elementary

Darlington Elementary
Picture representing Darlington Elementary

Home of the Darters

Principal - Ms. Alberta C. Porter


2119 Shuresville Road ~ Darlington, MD 21034

Phone: (410) 638-3700

Fax: (410) 638-3701


Welcome to Darlington Elementary School (DAES) located on the northeastern fringe of Harford County, situated in a rural community by the Susquehanna River. Darlington Elementary School was established in 1894, making it one of the oldest HCPS Schools; the current structure opened in 1938. 


Darlington has a proud history of continuous service to multiple generations. We take great pride in educating new families as well as those families who have a generational history at Darlington. The school serves approximately 120 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade which also includes a primary and an intermediate (STRIVE) classroom. We are a proud STRIVE (autism) Regional Program school. 


Darlington Elementary School is the home of the Darters, Maryland’s only higher animal that lives in the State of Maryland and nowhere else in the world, a Darter fish is the world's rarest fish. Like our mascot, the Darter fish, we are a rare school, serving the smallest school population in Harford County where we continue to “Soar to New Heights!”


Darlington Elementary School’s faculty and staff develop learning experiences based on the belief that each student is an individual with unique abilities, strengths and talents. To this end, the school provides students with relevant and rigorous instructional strategies to interact with the curriculum, equipping students to thrive as global citizens in the 21st century.  Since students learn effectively when they enjoy the experience, we believe that intellectual, physical and emotional balance is essential to happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life. In the intellectual domain, we recognize the value inherent in all subject disciplines as well as in the connections which tie together these areas of knowledge. The physical balance necessary for a healthy lifestyle is actively developed through both the curricular and co-curricular programs. In addition, emotional balance is developed through social learning and academic self-awareness.


Our staff, parents, grandparents, and extended families provide a supportive, challenging, and enjoyable school environment for all. Our highly collaborative staff believe in educating everyone and providing learning experiences for all students through well planned and delivered differentiated instruction. Intentional and focused blended learning (technology and face-to-face teaching) instructional practices ensure that students are prepared to meet Maryland’s College and Career Readiness Standard.


A strong School Performance Assessment (SPA) Team that includes parents, community members, and staff ensures that data are used to make decisions that impact instruction to meet the needs of all students.


An active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and a supportive business community results in a quality community school.


We are proud to integrate the school’s core values into daily instruction and into students’ goal setting where intentional habits are scaffolded to ensure personal success!