20172018 School Supply List

2017-2018 School Supply List




Pre-K                                                                                        Third Grade

Black and white marble composition book                               2 boxes of 12-count pencils

Tissues                                                                                      1 box of eraser caps (Ticonderoga preferred)

Baby Wipes                                                                              2 boxes of 24 count crayons

Soft Soap brand soap for hands                                                Glue sticks (4 or more)

Gallon size “slider” Ziploc bags                                                 1 pair of scissors

Quart size “slider” Ziploc bags                                                  4 composition books

Antibacterial wipes in plastic container                                     1 spiral notebook

                                                                                                6 folders with brads (1 yellow & orange, 2 blue 2 red)

Kindergarten                                                                           1 box of tissues

4 glue sticks                                                                              1 pencil box or pencil case

2 boxes of tissues                                                                     1 pack of colored pencils

Wipes (Lysol or Clorox)                                                            1 pack of markers

1 box of Ziploc baggies (gallon size)                                          1 pack of sticky notes (any size)

Hand sanitizer                                                             

Blunt tip scissors                                                                      

2 wide ruled composition books                                               Fourth Grade

                                                                                                2 packs of 24 count pencils

First Grade                                                                               2 marble composition books

2 Packs of 12 Pencils                                                                 1 box of 24 crayons and/or colored pencils     

2 Packs of 24 Crayons                                                               3 large Elmer glue sticks

1 pack of Dry erase markers                                                      2 packs of Expo low odor dry erase markers

4 Glue sticks                                                                             1 clean white sock for dry erase boards

5 Folders                                                                                  1 pencil case (no plastic pencil boxes)

1 pack of Erasers                                                                       3 packs of standard size post it notes

1 pack of Highlighters                                                               1 highlighter

                                                                                                3 pens (1 black, 1 blue, 1 red)

Second Grade                                                                           1 Sharpie marker

5 composition notebooks (any color)                                       Erasers

1 pack of dry erase markers                                                       Scissors

24 pencils                                                                                 Ruler with inches and centimeters

1 bottle of school glue                                                              1 box of baby wipes

6 glue sticks                                                                              2 large boxes of tissues

1 pack of sticky notes (any size)                                                1 box of quart and gallon Ziploc baggies

1 pair of school scissors                                                             ear buds (optional)

1 pencil box                                                                             

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons                                                     Fifth Grade

1 pack of thin markers                                                              1 box of Clorox wipes

1 pack of dividers for a binder                                                  2 large boxes of tissues                        

1 back pack                                                                               2 boxes of 24 pencils (Ticonderoga)

1 box of tissues                                                                         2 marble composition books

1 box of zipper baggies (quart or gallon size)                            1 box of crayons

1 container of wipes                                                                 3 large Elmer glue sticks

                                                                                                2 Expo low odor black dry erase markers

                                                                                                3 packs of standard size post it notes

                                                                                                1 highlighter

                                                                                                Cap Erasers (Ticonderoga preferred)

                                                                                                1 box of markers


                                                                                                1 box of quart and gallon Ziploc baggies

                                                                                                1 large bottle of hand sanitizer


                                 *The above list are suggestions and not an absolute must*