Guidelines for Players and Parents

Guidelines for Players and Parents

Tennis Team Guidelines for Students and Parents

Philosophy and Goals

Harford Technical High School and the Tennis Team recognize that Interscholastic Athletics are part of a complete educational program.   Athletics should promote the development of personal qualities such as self-control, loyalty, leadership, teamwork, hard work, and friendship.  In addition, being on a team allows the athlete opportunities to excel in the areas of humility and selflessness, and at the same time gives the athlete a profound sense of belonging.

Naturally, we want to win as many of our matches as possible.  Any sport is more fun when you win, and winning suggests that each player is giving maximum effort and improving as an athlete and as a tennis player.  Winning is not necessarily the most important goal, however. 

 Our goal is for each player on the team to reach his or her full potential while at Harford Tech while developing a love for tennis that will last a lifetime.  Unlike most high school team sports, tennis is a game that can be enjoyed for many decades.   We hope all our tennis players will still be competing when they’re in their fifties and sixties.

Expectations of Athletes

  • First, we expect each tennis player to maintain a good academic record.  Players with a grade of D or below in any class will be academically ineligible. 
  • Players must contribute maximum effort in all workouts and practices.  Even very gifted players who do not work hard in practice may see limited playing time. 
  • Players must follow the coach’s directions at all times, and must do nothing to risk injury to themselves or other players.
  • Players will demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times.
  • Players will remain at the courts until all matches are completed.  Players will not leave the courts when their own matches are finished.
  • Players must provide their own tennis racquet.
  • Players are expected to attend every practice and every game.  If you have a job that will conflict with the tennis schedule, do NOT try out for the team.

Expectations of Parents

  • Parents will not interfere in any contest, or verbally abuse any opposing player.
  • Coaches’ decisions are final.  If parents wish to speak to a coach about playing time or other issues, they will do so before or after a match, and away from view of the players.
  • Parents will demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times, just like the players.
  • Parents will not take players home when their matches are finished, but will allow players to remain at the courts until all matches are completed.

Criteria for Making the Team

  • For each varsity match, eight boys and eight girls will be playing.  Players will be determined by merit; that is, every attempt will be made to put the best players on the courts.
  • A maximum of 24 players will make the team. Cuts will be made to reduce the number of players if necessary.
  • Player ranking will be determined by means of intra-squad matches.  If you think you’re better than another player, you must prove it by beating him or her on the courts.
  • Junior Varsity players will all be given an equal amount of playing time in order to build match experience.

Practice and Game Schedules

  • Outdoor practices begin March 1st, weather permitting.  Practice will be from 2:30 to 4:30 daily.
  • Indoor practices will be held on inclement weather days.  Indoor practice times are yet to be determined.
  • Home games and most away games will begin at 3:30 and end when all matches have concluded.

Nutrition, Drugs and Alcohol

  • Players are expected to eat a healthy diet at all times, especially during the tennis season.  Sugary drinks such as sodas should be avoided.
  • Like Harford Tech, the tennis team has a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of drugs and alcohol.  Anyone caught using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will leave the team immediately and can expect further disciplinary action from the school administration.


  • Athletes who participate in interscholastic sports are representatives for their school, their family, and themselves.  We expect the highest standards of sportsmanship from all Harford Tech tennis players.
  • Do NOT consider the behavior of pro tennis players to be the guide for appropriate behavior on the court.  Even if you’ve seen it on TV, that doesn’t make it right.  Again, we expect only the highest standard of behavior and sportsmanship from Harford Tech tennis players.
  • Players are expected to make their own line calls.  If you think your opponent is making unfair or inaccurate line calls, do not attempt to solve the problem yourself.  Ask one of the coaches to watch the lines for you.

Lettering Procedures

  • Players who compete in minimum of three matches will be eligible for a varsity letter.