Want to play tennisx3f

Want to play tennis?

Tennis practice/tryouts for next season begin March 1, 2017.  Here are some things you can do to help your chances of making the team:  





1. Download and complete all the permission and physical forms..


2. Keep up your grades!  You can't participate if you're failing.  You're in school to get an education--don't blow it.


3. Get in shape!  If you're out of shape, you need to start training now.  See Mr. Cross if you need a good workout for tennis.


4. Practice during the summer!  It's impossible to be a good player if you only play during tennis seaon.


5. Take some lesson!  I recommend Gary King.  He works with teenagers all the time and he's very good.  Here's his phone number: 443-243-9773