Parents and Athletes

Parents and Athletes

Hello Parents and Athletes,


I hope all is well. I’m very excited to welcome back the returning players from last year as well as the new and incoming players.The program continues to grow and we plan to continue that success this year.  While our program is built on having fun, this year I want to really focus on the fundamentals, team morale, and leadership building.


While at practice I expect all athletes to give their full attention for the entire practice as well as showing respect to all coaches or any visitors that may come to help. I expect athletes to give their all during practice while keeping positives attitudes. Volleyball is a team sport and I expect all athletes to be team players.


Playing sports in high school is a great thing. You learn a lot about yourself, you make a lot of new friends, and you gain and develop skills that you’re able to use later on in life. While sports are great I take pride in the term “Student-Athlete”, Student being first. I regard grades highly and I expect students to do the same. I expect athletes to take full responsibility for keeping their grades up, making up work that they may have missed due to leaving early for games, and communicating with me or other personnel when they may need help or time off to focus on their studies.


In terms of making the team, I’m looking to get as many athletes on JV as possible 12 players would be great! JV consist of learning and developing skills to play on the varsity level and playing time will be mostly shared, but can and will be held based off the decisions of the coaching staff. Varsity will be a lot more competitive. This year I plan to do an “earn your spot system”, meaning that I will play the best 6 on the court based on results from practice and what I think works best for the team. I’m only looking to hold 12 players this year so tryouts will be very competitive for the Varsity level.


Lastly I recommend signing up for some local summer volleyball camps or playing volleyball with friends or at the Volleyball House to help be prepared for tryouts in August. You can find a list of camps and other ways to get involved with volleyball this summer under “Contents” on the Boys’ Volleyball Edline page. Also please look through the tryouts information and expectations document.


Again I’m very excited for this season and looking forward to seeing everyone in August! Please don’t hesitate to email or text me any questions.


Thank you,


Coach Powell