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Jarrettsville Elementary
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A Message from the HCPS

              Communications Department:


As inclement weather season approaches, please take a moment to verify that your contact information is up to date. Each school office maintains a record of your contact information as well as your emergency contact information. In addition, you may have created a “Parent Portal” on Blackboard Connect5, our rapid notification system (phone, email, and/or text), to personalize the way that you are contacted. If so, we encourage you to verify that information remains correct throughout the school year. The Parent Portal remains linked in the top right corner of our homepage, www.hcps.org.


This year, you may have noted an opt-out” feature on phone calls you have received via Blackboard Connect5. If you choose to opt-out of calls, you will not receive future calls that are sent as “outreach;” however, you will continue to receive calls that are sent as an “emergency.” Please note, inclement weather calls from the school system are sent as “outreach.” If you have chosen to opt-out, you will not receive the morning delay or closure calls in an inclement weather scenario. The system sends the morning call as an “outreach” because if a call is sent as an “emergency” call, it goes to every phone number that is associated with your child, including your emergency contacts. We reserve “emergency” calls for issues such as an unexpected early dismissal. We do not wish to call your emergency contacts for a school delay or closure that occurs before your child has left your supervision.


We will continue to share inclement weather delays and closures on the website, social media and via Blackboard Connect5 (phone, email, text). Any inclement weather delay or closure information will also be shared with local media outlets for their distribution. If you have any questions, you may contact the Communications Department via email at Communications@hcps.org or via phone at 410-588-5203.