Integrated pest management procedures such as inspections and monitoring are used to determine when to control pests and to identify conditions contributing to pest problems. The necessity for pest control, if warranted, is evaluated and one or more pest control methods including sanitation, structural repair, non-chemical methods and pesticides is utilized. Problem areas are identified where alternative pest control technologies can be incorporated in order to eliminate routine pesticide applications. It has been determined that a current pest problem warrants the use of a pesticide to effectively control the pest problem.


School: Magnolia Elementary School


Common Name of Pesticide To Be Applied: Drione Insecticide (Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide,                                                                                 Amorphous Silica Gel) EPA# 4816-353


Location(s) of the Pesticide Application:.Pre K playground at stairs for wasp nest


Date and Time of Application: Friday, September 8, 2017, approx..: 9:00 AM


Note: The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Regulations pertaining to Integrated Pest Management and Notification of Pesticide Use in Public Schools requires that the following information be provided as part of this notice:


The Office of Pesticide Programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated: ‘Where possible, persons who potentially are more sensitive, such as pregnant women and infants (less than two years old), should avoid any unnecessary pesticide exposure’.”


The following information regarding potential adverse effects was taken from the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of the pesticide to be applied:


                                                EYES: May cause mild irritation




If you require further information regarding this notice you can contact Director of Facilities Management at (410) 638-4085.