Discussion Board Directions

Discussion Board Directions
Watch a video on how to create discussion boards (with written directions)

    To add to the discussion board or document,

  • Click on the discussion link on the right under Contents for Planning this space.
  • Click on Comment and type your response in the box provided.
  • Click on Save and Return.


To create your own discussion board,

  1. Click on Contents,
  2. Pull down on the arrow next to Add,
  3. Choose Discussion.
  4. Create the discussion board by giving it a title, summary, etc. and writing the details in the big box.
  5. If you want folks to respond to you without you having to approve everything, UNCHECK the check box near the bottom that says Require approval of comments before making visible to others.
  6. Click on Save and Return.


To Have Students create their own discussion board:

  1. Create a folder for the discussion boards under
    • Click on Content
    • Click on the pull down arrow and choose folder. Click on Add.
    • Under Folder Properties be sure to check the box for students, parents, etc. to have access to the folder.
  2. Have the students navigate to the folder (I usually grab the Link to the folder and put it as a link on their calender for the day I want them to do the activity).
  3. Students should click on the title of the folder and  follow directions 2-6 above.
  4. Once all students have created their discussion board, YOU open  the folder and click on Select All.
  5. Click on Visibility and make it so that Everyone  can see the posts.
  6. Students may have to log out of Edline and back in  and navigate to the folder to see each other's posts.
  7. They click on the post, then on the comment link to get the reply box.
  8. Then click on Save and Return

(HINT: If a student has writtenn a long answer, they may get timed out, so strongly suggest that they copy their answer BEFORE hitting Save & Return. That way if they get timed out, they can log back in and go to the folder and click on the edit next to their post , and paste the answer they copied.)