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Taking a course this summer?
Share with your colleagues on this site.




Most of us are taking a course or attending a seminar this summer.  And if you are like me, you get excited about what you learn and would love to share, but by the time we get back to school, it seems like old news. 


So this place has been created for you to post things that you learn so others can share your excitement.  You can do this in several ways:


1. If its something general that the whole staff would be interested in, add a link to the Links (bottom right).  To do this,

  • Click on the word Links twice
  • Go to the folder where the link should be added. (If you need another folder ask Ms. Mickey or B. Boksz)
  •  Choose Link in the drop down box 
  •  Click on ADD. 
  •  Add a title, and summary,
  • Then click in the link box provided and copy and paste the link from your website.
  • Click on Save & Return


2. If your site (or document) is relative only to a grade level or subject area, post it to the group listed under content.  Follow the same directions as above once you navigate to that group's folders or links.


3. If you'd like to create a discussion about it, look at the help desk or General Info for directions for creating a discussion.


Or go to our Edmodo site and join group #56h5zp  and post your answers there .