About the Program

About the Program

School Counseling Program


Classroom Guidance Lessons

North Harford Elementary’s school counseling program is designed to ensure that every student is a benefiting participant. All students participate in school-wide initiatives and receive several classroom guidance lessons per year. Mrs. Guy teaches units to students on several topics, including the following: identification/expression of feelings, communication skills, conflict resolution, personal body safety, organization/study skills, bullying prevention, and career development. Additional lesson topics are developed and delivered in response to grade-level or classroom-specific needs.


Small Group and Individual Counseling

Students in need of additional support may participate in small group counseling or individual meetings with Mrs. Guy. Referrals for individual counseling sessions often come from students themselves as well as from parents, teachers, and administrators. Individual counseling session topics include but are not limited to: friendship issues, anger management, conflict resolution, grief/loss, family changes, social skill development, and difficulty coming to school. Individual counseling is short-term in nature and is not considered therapy. In certain cases, families may be referred to appropriate community resources for more extensive support. All counseling is considered confidential, except in the following situations: a student is in danger of hurting him/herself or others, a student reports that he/she is being harmed by someone, or the counselor is court-ordered to disclose information.


Consultative Services

Although the majority of her time is spent in direct service to students, Mrs. Guy also consults with parents, teachers, and community providers to support students. Please feel free to contact her at (410) 638-3670 or sarah.guy@hcps.org with any questions or concerns about your child.


*For more information about NHES’s school counseling program, please click on the link to the school counseling brochure.