Laptop Cart Reminders

Laptop Cart Reminders
  1. When you’re finished with a laptop cart:
    1. Please return it to its appropriate place.
    2. Please make sure all laptops are plugged in.
    3. Make sure the cart, itself, is plugged in.
    4. Make sure the cart, itself, is turned on.
  2. If a laptop won’t turn on, please verify that it was plugged in, the laptop cart was plugged in, and the adapter inside the cart was plugged in. If time allows, you can temporarily plug the laptop in to another adapter and see if it then turns on.
  3. When a student receives the message “There are no logon servers…”, please make sure the wireless switch is turned on. The wireless switch is on the front edge of the computer. Orange means the switch is off. Also, when the laptop is turned on, in the upper left, next to the keyboard, there are three icons: hard drive, battery, and wireless; make sure the wireless icon is lit.
  4. Please have the students exercise some care in removing and replacing the laptops.
    1. Carefully unplug the laptop from the adapter.
    2. Make sure they go in the right cart, the right slot, the right way.
    3. Make sure the laptops are plugged in.
    4. Make sure the adapters and cables are carefully pushed to the back of the cart.
  5. If there are still issues with one or more laptops, please submit a WO with the laptop cart number and the laptop number(s). Don’t forget to specify, as best you can, the problem.