What is KMOx3f

What is KMO?
Click here to see what KMO will be like at PMMS.

KMO stands for Knowledge Master Open.  It is an academic team that studies material in all subject areas, then competes with other teams around the world on two occasions over the computer.  There are a few basic things that anyone interested in being on the team should know:

  1. There will be up to 10 people on the team from grades 6-8 on the middle school team, and up to 10 in grades 9-12 on the high school team.
  2. Students will try out for the team by taking a qualifying test.  This will be done after school in Mrs. Moots' room - F209. Students who were on the team last year still have to take the qualifying test, but will receive an automatic ten point bonus.
  3. Those who pass the qualifying test and make the team will meet after school on Thursdays from 2:45-3:45 p.m.
  4. Our competition dates are Dec. 2, and April 21, 2010, and will take place during school hours.  We don't have to go anywhere but a computer lab.
  5. To get more details about KMO and some samples of questions, feel free to go to the website in the Links box.
  6. Mrs. Moots will have KMO "Questions of the Day" on the wall outside her room.
  7. If you have any other questions, contact Mrs. Moots (room F209).