Black Eyed Susan Book Club

Black Eyed Susan Book Club

 Each year the state of Maryland issues a list of books for children to read and they vote on which book is their favorite. We have a club that meets each month and discusses each book on the list. Students read the books at home and after we have read all the books, we send our choice as favorite to the state. Maryland is the only state that has this program. Here is the list of books for next year (2018-2019). We have two copies of each book in the school library and the public library also has the books. They may also be purchased at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.  Please encourage your 4th and 5th grader to participate.




An Eagle in the Snow, By: Michael Morpurgo     September  


 The Someday Birds, By: Sally Pla     October  


 Chester and Gus, By: Cammie McGovern     November 


Time Shifters, By: Chris Grine    December 


 Nightlights, By: Lorena Alvarez    January 


Stef Soto, Taco Queen, By: Jennifer Torres    January 


The Witch Boy, By: Molly Ostertag    February 


 Me and Marvin Gardens, By: Amy Sarig King     March 


Wishtree, By: Katherine Applegate   April