Edmodo amp Wikisx21

Edmodo & Wikis!

5th grade students are using Edmodo and Wikispace to analyze, interpret, and discuss art! We distinguish a variety of styles and forms of expression by finding examples and explaining their relation to the assignment. 


Each month, I will post a new assignment related to the 5th grade art curriculum.  Students will turn in their assignment electronically and I will be able to grade their responses.  If a student is unable to complete the assignment electronically, they can always do a paper version. 


Students can also use Edmodo and Wikispace to share inspiration with classmates and make connections outside of the art room.  Edmodo and Wikispace only allows students to post on the class wall or send personal messages to me.    They are  both "closed" sites.


Edmodo is a very popular teaching tool in Middle School and I hope our 5th graders are more prepared by using Edmodo this year, in the art room. 


Parents can access accounts too!  Please email me for more information.  Amber.Seyler@hcps.org


Thank you! 

Ms. Seyler