This month in PE

This month in P.E.

This month in, Physical Education, we have been working on throwing overhand and catching. 


Starting 4/3/17 we will be starting our Fitness unit.  For grades K-2, this means student will be working on increase their heart rate,  improving their muscular strength and increasing flexiblilty.  We will be introducing some new vocabulary and concepts such as our fitness components (Flexibility, Mucular Strength and Endurance, Cardiorespiratory Endurance/ Aerobic Capacity)
Grade 3-5 will be participating in our fitness testing.  Our testing program is Fitnessgram and it consists of 6 tests.  The test are as follows:  Pushups, Curl-ups, Trunk Lift, Sit and Reach, Pacer and BMI.  Our BMI test is height and weight ONLY.  
Please contact  Mr. Wilhelm ( if you have any question or concerns about any of the fitness tests.