Junior Success Plan

Junior Success Plan


The Student Success Plan is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address student's needs and interests to help every student be connected to Seymour High School.  Seymour High School will provide support to set academic, career and personal goals.  Students will be able to meet individualized rigorous academic expectations, explore careers and postsecondary option.  (CSDE)


At Seymour High School Juniors will participate in the Junior Seminar program.  Counselors will provide students with information and lessons about the world of work and after high school planning. Topics include job search, interviewing skills, resume writing, testing for college and military entrance, college search and the application process.  They are required to update their Game Plan Survey. 

Juniors will take the PSAT on the selected date.

Junior Required Activities

    Alumni College Fair                                                        Career

    Course Selection                                                           Academic

    Resume                                                                         Academic, Career

    College Search                                                              Academic, Career

    Mock Interview                                                              Career

    Individual Planning Meetings                                          Academic, Career, Personal

    Testing Information                                                        Academic

     Transcript Review                                                        Academic, Career, Personal


Junior Recommended Activities

     SAT and ACT registration process   

     SAT or Act tests

     College Essay

     College visits

     Job Shadows

     Financial Aid Night