School Counseling at a Glance

School Counseling at a Glance

School Counseling is comprised of four general areas of focus.


Individual Planning

Individual planning consists of activities and conversations that focus on assisting each student in developing, analyzing, and evaluating his or her education, career, and personal goals and plans. Conversation topics may include individual advisement, self-awareness, goal setting, decision making and career exploration.


Responsive Services

Responsive services consists of strategies and interventions that school counselors use to address student problems which are preventing student success in academic, career, and personal/social development. School counselors identify barriers to academic success and acknowledge the challenges that students face on a daily basis. They work with students to remove these barriers and challenges through individual and group counseling, consultation, crisis intervention as appropriate and referrals as needed.



Curriculum is the means by which school counselors promote the healthy development and growth of all students. The curriculum provides developmental and sequential lessons and activities in classroom and/or group settings, which address student development in academic, career and personal/social domains. The School Counseling Program at SHS follows the State of CT and National Standards for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.



Collaboration focuses on services to students through consulting with teachers, school administrators, parents, outside providers, and agencies regarding student needs. Collaboration also includes leadership to school- and district-based committees on student needs and resources.



Grade-Level Calendar of College and Career Readiness Activities


Grade 9

  • Goal Setting (Naviance)

  • Learning Style Inventory (Naviance)

  • Career Interest Profiler (Naviance)

  • Course Plan for Graduation

  • Course Selection


Grade 10

  • Goal updates or setting (Naviance)

  • Do What You Are (Naviance)

  • Game Plan (Naviance)

  • Resume (Naviance)

  • Course Plan for Graduation

  • Course Selection


Grade 11

  • Goal review (Naviance)

  • Resume  updates (Naviance)

  • Interviewing skills

  • College Search  (Naviance)

  • Testing

  • Course Plan for Graduation

  • Course Selection


Grade 12

  • Goal-Setting & Review

  • Graduation Requirement Review

  • Post-Secondary Planning with School Counselor

  • Responsible Decision Making

  • Senior Graduation Survey

  • Individual Planning