Principalx27s Message

Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents of Seymour High School,


I am excited to have been promoted to the position of Seymour High School Principal.  I enjoy working with the people of Seymour and hope to place our students and faculty in the best position for success.  I believe that our community working together is smarter, more creative and more enthusiastic than any of us individually.  It is my wish that we further develop a welcoming school environment which is collaborative, student centered, and professional.  We need to keep the academic, emotional and social interests of our students in the forefront of decision making.  It is exceedingly important that the community feels comfortable when discussing education viewpoints and approaches which focus on the development of the whole student.  Equally important is that we encourage our students to learn at a rigorous level.  


I believe schools are like a living organism.  In order to be healthy, all systems need to work together in order to maintain the health of the organism.  I propose that Seymour High School is a healthy organism which is becoming robust with the assistance of the community, students, staff, and faculty working together.  Over the past few years we have heard that our graduates will be employed in jobs which currently do not exist.  Although this may be true, I propose that our graduates will be inventing the jobs which do not exist.  To accomplish this we will need to encourage the development of their imagination while fostering the personality traits of persistence and perseverance.  If experience has taught me anything it would be that anything imaginable is possible.




James Freund


Seymour High School