Emailing Teachers Staff and Administration

Emailing Teachers, Staff and Administration

Contacting Teachers


To parents who wish to contact a teacher by Email.

Teachers have their e-mail address posted, you may click on the link and compose your message. Sometimes this link doesn't always work, and you may have to copy and paste the address into your Intenet Browser.


Please remember to include the student's first and last name, homeroom, grade level and your email address. 


If you do not hear back from the teacher within the usual 48 school hours, please call the school and leave a message for that teacher. 




     If you wish to contact a teacher other than using email, you may call the school and leave a message with the secretary for that teacher. 


Please allow time for a teacher to respond to your e-mail or your phone message.  Sometimes it may take several days to respond, due to their busy schedules.


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