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Join a Friends of Rachel Club!
How to get involved

The Rachel's Challenge is our school-wide Charater Ed program at Southampton Middle School.  All students and faculty are part of this inspiring program.  Friends of Rachel Clubs have been formed to continue Rachel's beleif and start chain reactions!  Various faculty members are leading students to carry on Rachel's message of spreading kindness to others through wonderful activities: 


The Welcome Wagon: assisting new students at SMS


Word of the month/Quote of the week: designing posters and selectiong inspiring quotes based on each word of the month


The Postitive Gossip Newsletter: Written works by SMS students focusing positive happenings at SMS


Thank you committee: selecting various members of the SMS community and showing appreciation for their efforts


Art projects: creating works of art inspired by Rachel's 5 challenges and words of the month


Public Service Announcements: creating videos reflecting Rachel's messages to be shared during the school day


Community projects: Students and staff supporting local community efforts