Coach Rachelx27s Feb Meeting Recap

Coach Rachel's Feb Meeting Recap

Hi all!


Thank you so much for coming out last night to meet about our upcoming spring and summer plans. This isn’t a short email so please read the email in entirety to make sure you get all necessary information. I’ve also made a new email list with the emails from last night—I’m 99 percent certain that everyone is on here. I will be adding incoming eighth graders to the list once we have made a decision about the summer league. We will be updating the Edline page with the necessary information and will send that out to this email list so that it can be shared with anyone who you know is interested in playing FH next year.


1)      Summer Camp: University of Maryland Camp

  1. a.       7/31-8/3
  2. b. or
  3. c.       This camp is by no means mandatory, but we do encourage as many players to attend as possible!
  4. d.      During registration, there is a spot to put school name. Let’s put “C Milton Wright” in this section to ensure that our players are placed on the same team. I’m also emailed the camp to make sure they’re aware we have a team signing up. Once you have registered, maybe shoot the coaches an email so we can be aware how many we have attending J
  5. e.      DISCOUNT OPPORTUNITY: If we have 20 or more players signed up by March 15th, there is a $20 cash rebate per player once all players are checked in on site.

2)      Puckett’s Camp               

  1. a.       6/27-7/1
  2. We don’t know any more details at this time. Puckett’s camp is always a good way to hone your stick skills at the beginning of the summer, and we encourage you to attend, but it is not mandatory.

3)      Spring Play Day

  1. Saturday, May 7th @John Carroll
  2. Information sheet attached
  3. 25 minute games, guaranteed 4 games, 7v7
  4. This is no longer a fundraiser for CMW. It is run by Janice Rhodes and H2O, but they are offering a kickback to CMW for any of our registered teams. Because of this, PARTICIPATION IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Of course, we understand if there are any prior commitments, but the more CMW players we have participate/the more teams we can create, the more funds raised for our program.
  5. Currently the age group sign up is as follows…we will be moving players around to even out the teams and we appreciate your patience and understanding. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PLAYING AND WERE NOT AT THE MEETING, please send me a reply as soon as possible so that I can get you on the list so we can start setting rosters and getting registered.







Peyton Dail

Julianna Hayes



Natalie Sorlin

Maya Hansson



Emily Cowie

Rachel Scheuerman



Jessica Berry

Kassidy Kollmann



Jillian Baldwin

Megan Hainley



Taylor Marchetti

Alice Liu



Olivia Henessey




Paige Antal




Emily Amato




Emili Rutkowski




Natalie Kenney




Jordyn Bever




Sophie Carlson










  1. We will be asking any incoming eighth graders who would like to participate to fill a U14 team…we’ll need to jump on this early because clubs are starting to sign up already, so if you know an eighth grader who would be interested in participating with CMW in this tournament, please connect them with myself and the coaches! Even if we don’t have enough to fill a U14 team, we’ll do our best to incorporate them in the U16 group.
  2. g.      Currently, we also do not have many goalies, so we’re opening our arms to them as well J

4)      Concessions at Spring Play Day

  1. Another opportunity to raise money would be to run concessions at the play day. I understand that this is not a completely ideal situation…we would have to bring everything in ourselves because it is not at CMW. IF there is a parent who would like to spearhead this, please let me know and we’ll work to help you make that happen. If I do not hear interest in this by the end of the week, I will notify Janice that we are passing on this opportunity. There were a few of you who wrote your name down at the meeting, but please follow up by email to confirm that!

5)      Spring Clinics

  1. We always encourage players to attend spring clinics if they are interested in elevating their game
  2. If you are interested in playing in college, we strongly encourage attending clinics, especially at the schools you may be interested in attending. This is a great, low-stress opportunity to be seen by the coach, experience their coaching style, and get a feel for the campus! For example, F&M’s spring clinic includes 4 hours of field hockey (coached by the staff and players), lunch at the dining hall, a tour, and an admissions presentation!

6)      Summer League

  1. a.       Here is a Survey Monkey to vote on which summer league you would like to participate in. We are closing voting at the end of the day Thursday, 2/25.


                                                            ii.      The information sheets for both leagues are attached.

  1. b.      The coaches are encouraging the Monday night league…we feel the competition will be better, the price is a little more approachable, and it will be a different scene than the same league we have participated in over the past few summers. Let’s switch it up!! Playing new players will up our game!
  2. c.       Once a decision has been made, we will ask for interested players to contact us ASAP so we can start building rosters and get registered.

7)      Fundraising Update:

  1. Because we no longer have our largest (and sole) fundraiser anymore (spring play day) we are looking to be creative with some other options!!!

                                                               i.      Rec Day Clinic in August

                                                             ii.      Looking to expand our preseason invitational (the tournament day)

                                                            iii.      Possibilities for some apparel fundraising options

  1. We have some other creative ideas in the works….
  2. As stated above, we will be getting a kick back from our spring play day registrations, so we’d like to boost that as well!

8)      Important Dates to be aware of:

  1. Wednesday, 8/10: First eligible day of preseason. Please keep this in mind when planning any family vacations, trips, etc. We do not KNOW that this will be our first day, but for planning purposes, please expect it to be!
  2. Friday 3/11: Incoming Freshmen Field Hockey Exp @ Southampton

                                                               i.      Will be asking some players to volunteer with that! We’ll make a sign up list to have in Coach Griff and Coach Gresh’s rooms

  1. June 7th: please schedule any physical’s for AFTER this date so that they are valid for the entire year J
  2. May meeting: Date has not been set yet, but will be in touch!

9)      Things to look forward to this summer

  1. Captain’s practices
  2. Workouts at the Arena club
  3. Summer workout packet J


PLEASE let myself and the coaches know if you have any questions about any of the above, or things we did not cover. We’re really looking forward to this season and are so excited to get started!!