Updates from 2x2f23 Meeting

Updates from 2/23 Meeting

1)      Summer League

  1. We will be doing SUMMER 7’s at North Harford
  2. Information is attached
  3. Monday nights, starting at 6pm
  4. Runs 8 weeks, from June 6-July 25 (no games on July 4)
  5. 2 games each week
  6. $800 per team, max of 15 players
  7. We will be planning as if we will have a full roster, so please bring a check for $54 made out to North Harford Rec Council (NHRC) to COACH GRESH with your registration form (ATTACHED). Please have the check and the waiver in an envelope with player name on it.
  8. Deadline for sign ups is 4/8, though please get these in ASAP. Email the coaches if this deadline is a problem for you.
  9. Coach Gresh will then get your name on the sign up list
  10. We will move the players around on the roster so that we have 2 full teams once we have all the sign ups, and that roster will be shared once we register the teams.
  11. IF we do not get enough sign ups, we will send out a request for any additional payment necessary per player

2)      Spring Play Day

  1. May 7th
  2. John Carroll High school
  3. GOAL IS FOR 3-4 teams
  4. We currently have about 2-3 teams without our freshmen (potentially 2 u16, 1 u19, or 1 each with some kids pulled up to u19). Please let me know ASAP if you are able to play. Remember, this is a fundraiser for CMW (we get a kickback from OUR participation) so the more teams we have, the better it is for us!
  5. Below are the sign ups so far



Jordyn Bever

Julianna Hayes

Natalie Kenney

Maya Hansson

Ellie Muffley

Rachel Scheuerman

Carlie Insley

Kassidy Kollman

Taylor Marchetti

Megan Hainley

Olivia Hennessey

Alice Liu

Paige Antal


Emily Amato


Peyton Dail


Natalie Sorlin


Jillian Baldwin


Emily Cowie


Kelsey Goetze


Jessica Berry


Sophie Carlson


Sav Gray


Emili Rutkowski


  1. If you are not on this list, please let the coaches whether or not you can participate. We would like to know either way so we can start setting teams (if we know that this is our max participation). We understand if you cannot participate! Just need to know J
  2. More information to come at the end of the week about teams, payment, etc.


Please let the coaches know if you have any questions!